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Covid-19 secure by Vchauffeur


A transport solution provided by Vchauffeur.    

Testimonials - Oil & Gas sector & others

Current restrictions mean travel should only be undertaken if essential and for a number of reasons individuals and businesses find themselves affected due to limited availability of public transport and respective health concerns. The need to travel safely still remains.

Aware of the risks to our clients, Vchauffeur implemented additional safety measures and processes to operate and provide solutions for such travel. Our service, unlike private hire cars, will dedicate one vehicle to one client per day, reducing health risks and increasing safety. 

To further minimise risk, our extra-long wheelbase Mercedes V Class vehicles enable passengers to be adequately distanced from the driver and with a separation screen, robust risk assessment, cleansing checklist and temperature testing amongst other measures provides extra reassurance to our passengers.

(please note some additional complimentary features are currently not available due to the Covid pandemic) 

Contact 07309 667805 or email for further details

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